Wednesday, August 14, 2013

#BlogElul: Transforming the ordinary #takeaseatmakeafriend

One of our congregants posted this charming quote and image on their Facebook wall and, in this month of posting relationship and connection-related thoughts, ideas, and videos as our congregational theme leading up to the High Holydays, this one fit right in.

Here's a few examples I can think of in response:
  • I remember the interfaith Spring cleanup that we did in a park in Bridgeport, CT, where Muslims, Jews, and Christians hauled trash out of the woods together.
  • Unloading a huge load of watermelon from a truck. The watermelon was donated by the farmer to the church hall being used to feed people and provide a base for volunteers helping to rebuild a town in Alabama after two tornados had uprooted a community.
  • Sitting silently in a room. The room was our sanctuary, hosting the local Hindu community for a meditation teaching led by their Guru from India.
  • Greeting a stranger. Something that happens any week that someone new walks into our building. Each and every one brings with them a different story, experience, hope and desire.
What ordinary moments are not so ordinary when you stop and think who you have shared them with?

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  1. I will always remember with fondness an annual day out with my daughter round about Chanukah. At first we went to the Sooty puppet show then we went to the adult theatre to see shows such as Barnum and finally when she was older we went to nice restaurants. Happy memories.