Sunday, August 18, 2013

#BlogElul: Community connecting in the service of others #takeaseatmakeafriend

Our volunteers who provide food, cook, and serve at Northborough meals do a wonderful service to the community. They are also a wonderful example of the power of a congregation to bring together people who otherwise may never meet, in the service of something greater. Parents volunteer with their children, setting a wonderful example and enabling our children to gain greater awareness of the needs of people in their own communities. Long-time members see their volunteering as a meaningful expression of living Jewish values. Brotherhood and Sisterhood members take a turn to organize and reach out to other congregants, encouraging them to take a turn and gain the experience of bringing just a little social justice to our local community. Whether you've volunteered just once or many times, it is easy to step up, join in, help out. And you will are guaranteed to meet wonderful people when you do - both fellow congregants who are helping on the same day as you, and those you are serving.

When I've spoken to our students who have volunteered, they always have a wonderful story to tell about something that they experienced that was unexpected. They may have arrived with some trepidation, but they came away enriched and inspired, and hoping for an opportunity to make a difference again.

If you've volunteered, here or elsewhere, what surprising stories can you share?
For the next opportunity to volunteer at Northborough meals with fellow congregants - on October 2nd - please see the September bulletin for contact info. to get involved.

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  1. I had the great pleasure and humbling experience of volunteering there - albeit only one time. It is a life changing experience to be a part of a community of any size (global, Jewish, B'nai Shalom, Northborough, and those sharing a meal together).

    And the receptivity of the guests who come and eat and who allow us however so briefly to be part of their lives is Very moving.

    I was there with several youngsters from WAFTY I think and several families. My friend Rev. Judith Wright of the Unitarian Universalist Church says that the community looks forward to the B'nai Shalom voluneers - its their favorite dinner she and others have told me...

    If you haven't been there to help cook and serve - put that on your most important to do list...We need Mitzvot bucket lists!