Friday, March 25, 2011

Israeli Women Win European Basketball Championship!

Just wanted to share a feel-good story today.  Anyone who knows anything about Connecticut know that we are very proud of our Huskies - the UConn basketball teams.  Basketball is pretty much the only US game this (British) Rabbi follows, and only because congregants (thanks Val and Linda!) initiated me a couple of years back with some live games watching a truly outstanding team.  But today I found myself cheering for another Women's team when I cam across the following news:
Israeli women’s basketball club Elitzur Ramla beat France’s Arras 61-53 last night to capture the EuroCup. Their amazing run makes them Israel’s first women’s club to capture the European Championship.
It is the first time that an Israeli team has won this competition since the guys did it back in 1977.
You can read more of the story at the IsRealli blog.
Go Team!
Rabbi Rachel Gurevitz

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