Sunday, December 27, 2009

Prayer by a Jewish Woman: In solidarity with Women of the Wall

Tonight, our last blog in solidarity with Women of the Wall is a prayer, written by Becca, created last week at our Rosh Hodesh group program.

Dear God,
I am a Jew and I celebrate my life as a Jew.
Dear God,
I am a woman and I celebrate the joy of being a woman,
and dear God,
I am both Jewish and a woman and can only imagine embracing both passionately.

I want to draw closer to You, to learn more about how to learn Your truths, Your love, Your trust in the people of this world.  I want to understand more and cannot get enough of Your Presence.

Dear God,
I am a Jew and a woman and I want all of that, and I celebrate becoming that Jewish woman, growing and blossoming in Your love.

I am thrilled to know that I, and my Christian male bell choir director, and my Conservative daughter, and my atheist son, and all the other people who I have not yet met - that we are all loved by You.

And I sing Hallelujah!

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