Thursday, November 12, 2009

A Charter for Compassion

Today, 'freelance monotheist', Karen Armstrong, launched the 'Charter for Compassion'.  Listen to her presentation at the TED Conference last year, sharing the centrality of compassion at the heart of every major faith tradition.  The Charter affirms this, and seeks to refocus the message of faith around the world to the principles of the 'Golden Rule'.  It is, of course, not just about words, but deeds.  Idealist?  Perhaps.  But if we do not see it as our mission to teach and emphasize this message of faith, then who can we turn to for hope and transformation in this world?

You can read more about the Charter for Compassion here.  Take a look, and affirm your desire to fulfill the ideal of living your faith through the lens of compassion.  And then, try to bring awareness to acts of compassion that you experience and you share in each and every day.  This is spiritual practice at its most transformative potential.

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