Monday, August 31, 2009

12 Elul. Reflections on 'Rosh'

A member of B'nai Israel, Rabbi Jack Bloom has a new book, 'Blessings for You from Head to Toe' coming out in the New Year.
It includes the poems he has written over the years for Rosh Hashanah, each on a body part. Each poem is accompanied by the paintings of his wife, Ingrid. Particularly suited to our month of reflection leading to Rosh Hashanah - the Head of the Year, he shares with us here his poem, 'Head'.  For more information, and to order Rabbi Bloom's book of poetry, please contact him at

Headline reveries turn our head
proclaiming us head of the line
head and shoulders above the crowd
miles ahead of the flock

Head over heels bewitched with control
We head out with no clear heading
plunging headlong into the headwind
pursuing a headlock on life

Over our head
headstart lost
headway pitiable
headquarters baffled
headed off at every turn
heads ache in confusion

Heads or tails--it matters not
Yet having a head for
seeking life’s headwaters
we return with head held high
that the Ultimate Headmaster
grant us both headrest and headlights
as we head on our way

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